The Tree Gods

Tall trees think your answers up into the skies

Where clouds form full and thunderous above your wise leaves

And the living libraries of your sturdy trunks; with deep roots

Reaching far down into the psyche of the earth and all that is.

Synaptic charges ricochet from earth to sky through your every fibre

Uniting head and heart, heavens and earth in an explosion of creative force

That spirals out as far as the soul can reach, and illumines the landscapes

Of the inner and outer worlds. A moment of pure clarity, of enlightenment;

Its image imposed upon the retina of time, existence and being;

Of body and heart and mind;

Indelible, irrefutable and enduring.

22 thoughts on “The Tree Gods

  1. I must say one my first “WTF moments” as a young kid was seeing a diagram of a tree, top to bottom. The symmetry excited my head and new synaptic pathways were fused.


            1. One thing I keep coming back to is how everything within existence can be seen as a perfect model of the whole. Even if you start playing around with mathematics and Fibonacci numbers, and divide everything by 1.618 you discover that there is an amazingly uncanny synchronicity to all that you see, and all that you don’t see. Did you know that the earth resonates at the key of F-sharp (can’t find the hash symbol on my Mac!)? Some mad French scientist worked that one out some decades ago.


              1. Tesla proclaimed he could split the earth in two by hitting the right resonance. I*f you make space vibrate in a certain way anything is possible…. possibly…


                1. I watched some fascinating films recently on YouTube, studies carried out during the 1950’s of how variations in sound frequency affected grains of sand on the skin of a drum. The experiment with glycerine was even more fascinating, watching it transform into moving centipede-like shapes as the sound frequencies were altered. Many of the geometric patterns used as religious symbols were also prevalent. Snow flakes etc.
                  I remember reading something about the development of a machine that could emit a sound pulse that could jellify everything within a certain radius – that was was frequency based. Was that Tesla?


                  1. Harmonics are cool and the patterns sometimes quite astonishing. Not sure though if it was Tesla who said he could jellify things. Reminds me of the Kate Bush song, Experiment IV


                    1. I’m trying to find the reference in my personal library, I remember it was an experiment carried out in France – thanks for the video clip 😉


                    2. Vladimir Gavraud developed the infrasound machine – a large whistle ‘that killed the technician who switched it on. A post mortem showed that his internal organs had been turned to jelly’. Early experiments also caused damage to the local vicinity. Found it.


  2. Thank you for bringing your beautiful poem to my attention. “…above your wise leaves/
    And the living libraries of your sturdy trunks; with deep roots/Reaching far down into the psyche of the earth and all that is. Wow, these words open a portal into which I’m diving. I want to meditate on this and find more words to say in response. Bless you so much, Lady Isis. Michele x


    1. The first time I came across the notion of the Tree Gods it was a moment of pure clarity. It made so much poetic sense to me; of a time when people would consult the trees for wisdom and advice. For a long time we used books made from trees, the symbolism ingrained. Now with the advent of virtual books, that knowledge is perhaps nearing a purer form. Thank you for your insight and for taking the time to stop by and read 🙂


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