Fear’s Response

Scream! Scream! Scream!

You bastard! Scream!

Don’t you think I’m

Not watching your every

Move. Tasting your fear

On my tongue. Sensing

The heat of your anguish.

Listening to the beat of

Your heart; hammering

Against your rib-cage.

Don’t you think I can’t

Smell you? Mmm, sweet!

Another poem from my book The Book of Ariel, Chapter: Red (currently being added to my other blog IshaiyaFreshlySqueezed). Some of the poems in my book featured as part of my contribution to the International Poetry Writer’s Month challenge.

I originally wrote this poem in my early 20’s in response to my own anxieties that stemmed from a fairly traumatic childhood. The inspiration for this poem came from an encounter with one of my major inner demons which of course took on the guise of the devil painted by so many Renaissance painters. An iconic figure personifying fear in popular culture irrespective of religious belief. In this particular encounter with my own personal devil I found myself standing in front of him quaking in my boots fearing the worst, and as I held my breath but intent on facing my fear head on I stood my ground waiting for the red horned beast to turn around. But he didn’t. So I thought I would goad him a little and said: “come on then, face me!”. At which point he turned around startling me and replied: “Bollocks!” and turned his back on me again!

I had never laughed so hard in my life! The confusion of shock, relief, and humour I felt that my greatest fear had a sense of humour   kind of turned it all on its head for me, and from that moment on I had no difficulty in facing anything, no matter how anxious or afraid I was. I knew that ultimately I was in control of my own response. Strangely he never appeared to me again in that guise. I have since seen far scarier, like my own reflection in the mirror when I get up in the morning! 😉

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