You have my full attention.

The river of knowledge runs

Wide and deep. Words mingle

In amongst the fishes; scaling

Depths that know no shiver

Of doubt nor remorse. Winged

Syllables fill the air with resonant

Compulsion; to breathe forth

Lamenting changes in the blossoms

Of the trees. Cranes digest nouns;

And phrases are borne on the winds

Like star-dust blown high into the heavens,

To descend once more

Many centuries from now

Like a rain of thoughts

Caught in ageless time.


To you a lotus flower I shall give,

To show that I am honourable;

With fingers to mouth, and hand

Outstretched; an offering of peace.

My future lays within the earth;

As my sentences reach forth

Carrying the past wisdom into

Present, and present into memory.

Know that you are the receiver

Of such wisdoms, falling from a

Heavenless sky; the receiver of gems

Formed by smiths of consciousness;

And adorning your shoulders

With responsibilities to speak

These truths.

Take this knowledge forged

Deep within the fires of the earth;

Feel the power of keen spirit within

And forge new wisdoms; new testaments

To the strength of your will,

Measured now only by clarity.


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