An Idea


I’m wishing to open up this
Idea, you see. It sits
Inside me like a small child;
Cross-legged and strangely
Patient, awaiting the moment
When I will allow it to stand;
And stretch it’s arms like
New born wings, unfurling in
The sunlight.
A newness catches my breath,
And fleeting whips of pale blue
Dance in the periphery of my
Vision, like fireflies in fancy dress,
As the ether breathes, and
Smiles wide, and yawns my eyes awake.
A surge of angelic might begins
To fill the lamp lit air,
Twitching with static charges
As boundaries begin to fade
To make room for this magic stand
Upon which I am motioned to step,
Briefly enough to greet awareness
As I am hoping to create it.
It’s all too much for clumsy
Words, you see. I’m stumbling
Over their rippled sounds
In my efforts to explain and know,
The excitement that I feel inside,
Of an idea that as yet I
Cannot name, try as I might,
Yet anticipate with bated breath.

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