When someone I’ve known for a long time but have had a relatively loose acquaintance with tells me that, if they didn’t like me so much they would want to punch me in the face, I’m inclined to take that as a compliment strange as that may sound. In fact it made me laugh quite a lot!

For the first time in a long time today I actually went for coffee at a friend’s house. I don’t do it very often, socialise I mean. I used to do it a lot, but I fell out of the habit when I signed my soul away to motherhood and the rearing of a small herd of young goats (work it out! Look, they eat everything in sight, make irritating bleating sounds and leave crap everywhere!). It’s like a zoo in my house at times, cat, errant mice and man notwithstanding. Not to mention the long-term resident spiders that we subcontract various corners of the house to from time to time (I try to get rid of them by escorting them gently outside in a glass secured by a piece of sturdy junk-mail ironically selling property or windows. However, they either make their way back in or another spider of similar stature and appearance takes their spot swearing blind that they are a relative flat-sitting while their aunt is on holiday!).

In short I often feel like I should be wearing a little red fez and be bashing symbols together. You will hear me frequently say to my children or at nobody in particular while I rush around like a blue-arse fly that “I’m not a performing monkey you know!” , but of course everyone knows that I am.

Anyway, so when said friend of mine invites me around for coffee at one who am I to say no? A bit of well-earned respite. Particularly as she has been singing my praises lately. Nice lady.

She was telling me that she’d been checking out my website and had discovered some of the creative projects that I’ve been working on in recent months. She continued by explaining that had the jewellery been all that I had been working on she would have been impressed, and she could have lived with that. But then she found the artwork, the photographs, the writing, and the coup d’etat, an elaborate neck-piece I’ve been working on recently that she admitted was almost enough at that point to send her over the edge! Who knew I could inspire so much envy and benevolence all at the same time?! I should mention at this point that she is a very talented person herself.

However, what my friend is blissfully unaware of, not knowing me terribly well, is that my many facets are a product of a very short attention span. I like to be challenged and try new things. My motto in life has always been to try everything at least once (within reason of course! Or not). In that way you come to understand what you do and don’t like, and what you excel at, or not. Being so full of highly creative energy I don’t do well with being a wall flower. I like to change the rules, make them up as I go along, change the status-quo, and generally challenge myself and others around me. Not because I’m necessarily a pain in the arse, but because I think life is worth living and worth exploring to the rafters.

I therefore take my friend’s tacit parting remark as meaning that, had my boredom threshold not been so vibrantly short i.e. had I not been so multi-skilled or ‘talented’ as she called it, then she would not have minded so much. The green-eyed monster could have stayed quite happily ensconced in the under-stairs cupboard, and I would not have been nominated for the ‘punch-in-the face’ award. However, the fact that she felt this way and could still admit that I was one of the very few people she really clicks with was a compliment I know I will treasure. I found it refreshing that someone could be so up-front and honest with me, it’s an all too infrequent occurrence.

10 thoughts on “Coffee at 1?

  1. I see the boy from Brazil got here before me. Ha Ha…
    South of England? Where….
    Grew up in Chester, then moved down South in ’79
    Er….very down south, Johannesburg.
    Your website is offline?
    Ah…the ‘goat days’ . Now they clean up their own crap…


    1. lol yeah they do! I have another blog, but that’s linked to my online jewellery shop much of which can already be found on IshaiyFreshlySqueezed. Thanks for taking the time to pop in and have a cuppa!


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