This is ordinarily known as ‘Rob’s Poem’, but I wrote it many moons ago and I have loved many others since 🙂 I have changed the title because it is about being in love with someone in those first few months of a relationship when all is still magical and new. It would seem that my theme for the week then is about the heart and love. I’m also including here a link to a song I wrote a few years back that I think really expresses the sentiments of this poem and love in general  ‘Missing You’ – For Andy Copyright 2009 Maria Phillips. Enjoy!

Ode to Love 

In his eyes were moon and stars,

To illustrate his open arms,

Where I did lay with sleepless eyes,

To spy upon his darkened skies.

Nocturnal thoughts did fill my mind,

‘Til piercing blue through clouds did shine,

And midnight closed its raven grace,

To greet the light of his warm embrace.

His dawning smile my lips did kiss,

As if I had been touched by bliss.

So full of love his golden glow,

That filled my soul like none I’ve known.

If but suddenly I am gone,

I shall have known what he has done,

To heal the wound within my heart,

That age-old sorrow had torn apart.

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