So long faithful friend

I’ve come to bid you warm farewell.

In hindsight I have kept my promise

Though I did not think this day

Would come, and hoped we would

Never part. I forgive us both

For all our quarrels, but remember

Only sentimental journeys, shared

As two who would travel far, and

To whom obstacles were links

To strengthen bonds, between us

And those who travelled with us.

I shed a tear, not for this,

But for its warm soothing touch

That reminds me of you,

As it rolls down my cheek,

Touching my lips

As your smile once touched my heart.

7 thoughts on “Farewell – (IntPoWriMo – Day 21)

    1. I would be honoured for you to reblog this poem. It meant a lot me too when I wrote it. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. It’s always exciting to see new faces.
      Ishaiya x


    1. When I wrote this poem I remember I was writing it about a number of people that I had been very close to, real soul mates that I had for one reason or another had to say goodbye to. So I guess it’s about the wonderful memory that you are left with despite, as you say, the heartache of parting. Every time I read this poem I am reminded of those deep connections and it makes me smile. Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂


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