Blue Rushes


I am feeling so happy! I’ve breached the contact between life and death. There is no more vision, just an open awareness that things must be the way they are because that is what I and others around me have chosen. Taken one step at a time, and with no haste I listen to the sounds of life reverberating in my heart.
Open minded, open-handed I’m giving my all to be here because it is worth my presence and full attention. I ask for everything and expect nothing.
As the song says ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’, except I know I have. I have found what I’ve been looking for. It is here; I can touch it; the warmth it radiates; the sweet aroma of a flower finally in bloom. Having grown from a tiny seed planted many aeons before in the hope that it would grow into what would be the making and the changing of the universe.
I sit within the soft folds of the delicate petals and stretch my arms. I am awake and aware of the sunshine caressing my face, and its brightness streaming through my eyes and into my soul. I can see only light; blinded by the vision I have conserved and created. I place my hand on the outside world and feel it pulse with my gentle touch, sending ripples out in all directions. This is what I have come here to experience. A reality and time so malleable that my steps leave not only imprints, but resound in the fabric of reality; being supported and floating weightless; motionless; ambient, and expanding.

Whispering blue rushes into motionless picturesque air, unfolding and rising skywards becoming sky, clouds, atmosphere, space,planets, solar system, galaxy, universe, existence. Spiralling outwards, upwards; forming images, sounds, thoughts, sensations. Exploding into infinity, reaching far into the imagination; a movement of ecstatic expression.

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