The Mirror

When I was little I looked into

A mirror, and realised there

Were two of me.

One here, and one there;

One there, and one here.

Everything I would do, she

Would do too. And everything

She would do, I would try

To copy. I would smile,

And she would smile back.

She would laugh, and I would

Laugh along too.

I noticed she had a room just

Like mine, she even had the

Same toys.

One day I decided I

Would swap places with

Her, and that night I

Dreamt that I stepped into

The mirror, and into her

Identical room. She did the

Same, and we waved to

Each other when we were

Both safely across.

In the morning when I awoke

I rushed to the mirror where

The other me was already waiting.

We looked about us, and we

Agreed that everything still looked

The same. But as I looked

Down at my toes, I realised

That my slippers were on the

Wrong feet, and I knew

That it hadn’t been a dream.

2 thoughts on “The Mirror – (IntPoWriMo – Day 17)

  1. Yes I guess so. I wrote this poem a long time ago now, I can’t quite remember what inspired my to write it. I like it though, and I’m really pleased you do too. It’s actually the only poem that I have had published in a book! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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