I just had to write this. I’m feeling deeply saddened by what’s happened in Boston, and the tragedy that happens all over the world every day that does not make the news and get spoken about. We are all responsible for the our beliefs about the world, we are all culpable, and we are all able to make a difference.

My Shadow


If I were scared of my own shadow

I would call it Peter so that

I would know that it was different from me.


If my shadow could talk

I would ask it not to tell me

Anything I did not want to hear.


If my shadow could walk away,

I would tell it to stay away

So that it couldn’t cause me to stumble.


If my shadow could cry,

I would turn my cheek

And say that I couldn’t help.


But my shadow is me,

And it appears because of

The light that shines on me.


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