Part two of this poem will follow tomorrow!



In experience of much confusion

I am apt to relive old hurts,

That do not bode well as I stray.

For I have strayed far from whence I came

With the notion that some day I would return,

Unscathed and intact. Sadly no,

Life bade me farewell at birth and

Watched me sail away upon my quest.

Sinking feelings of a belated presence.

Do not turn the spear that touches my heart

For I seek not life but living.

Unbeknownst to me

I was fast being assailed by an approaching ship

Baring news of a storm ahead

That had already ravished many vessels.

I had been given fair warning,

But sailing ahead with full and familiar speed

And lustful wonder, I came upon the storm in all its glory.

Ferocious and scathing, and turbulent beyond reasoning.

A fathomless depth lay beneath me;

Tumultuous greens and blues and writhing blacks –

Colours of the beast untamed.

Breathed I did with sated fear,

As it clasped my throat and caused me to be silent.

The ship’s prow pushed up toward the heavens

So heavily laden with clay sodden clouds;

Riding the haunches of the watery serpent,

As masterfully it sought to rive me asunder,

And wreaking havoc upon my fraying nerves

As flax would be unspun by vehement hands.

With devastating force the prow plunged downwards

Again to greet the hard slate brine, and

Were it not for the hawser that held me ransom to the mast,

I surely would have met an untimely death

By the jaws of the white frothing maw.


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