The Watcher

I am the face in the darkness that keeps you awake at night,
For I glean from your countenance a vision of fear.
But there is no malice in my heart;
I am fascinated by your need to sleep;
To induce yourself into the state you fear the most:
And then to observe you re-awaken, and
Re-emerge sentient and alive – to perform your highest mark of faith:
The miraculous resurrection.
Each day I observe your behavior,
Watching you clothe yourself with the vestments of ignorance and fear.
Watching you go about your daily affairs in a trance of forgetting.
And I am amused, as you would be too
If you could see yourself as I do.
Wondering how you manage to keep a straight face and
Be so serious.
‘Life is difficult’, I often hear you say,
Yet you have no difficulty in performing the two greatest
Miracles of your human existence on a regular daily basis.
Such strange behavior for one so aware, and so complete.
It isn’t my presence that disturbs you,
Nor is it the familiarity of my face –
But that you believe your own created lie to the point of
Shere distraction; clearly irritated by the vague memory
That of your own choosing, you shade your eyes from the truth.
And I watch as you dance about the clues of remembering,
Feigning ignorance even though they laugh, and giggle,
And smile at you with such blatent childlike innocense,
That I can only admire you for not wishing to give the game away,
For where would the fun be in that?
And I watch as you fill your life with darkness and light,
Comparing the two as if they were oposites.
How curious.
How you change the frequency of your perception so,
And with such skill.

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