This a post I wrote not so long ago on my other blog, and I think it warrants a re-airing.


What ever happened to Elmer Kidd?

” In your society, it is generally thought that a person must have a decent livelihood, a family or other close relationships, good health, and a sense of belonging if the individual is to be at all productive, happy or content.

Better social programming, greater job opportunities, health plans or urban projects, are often considered the means that will bring fulfilment “to the masses”. Little if anything is said about the personality’s innate need to feel that his life has purpose and meaning. Little is said about the personality’s innate desire for drama, the kind of inner spiritual drama in which an individual can feel part of a purpose that is his own, and yet is greater than himself.

There is a need within man to feel and express heroic impulses. His true instincts lead him spontaneously toward the desire to better the quality

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