If it’s an awkward, hard life you want,

Resist, resist, resist!

Sooner or later your head will begin to feel

Hardboiled and about to crack into,

Hopefully, two halves, but like eggs,

Probably not.

It’s quite a task being so hard-headed all the time.

In fact you tend to have to gear yourself up a notch

Just to withstand the pace you are setting yourself.

Frustration is a major factor in the creation

Of any headache, of course,

Whether it be internally or externally motivated.

And nothing  seems to stop the rate of its escalation.

Almost guaranteed, as you are reading

These very words you can probably feel

Your heart beginning to race;

Your shoulders clenching;

Your head beginning to tighten up like

An over-inflated balloon!

But worry not, help is at hand. Just to

Ensure a real pounder, bend your neck

Allowing your head to drop forward, then

Very rapidly lift it again.

You should find that you may well be

Experiencing shooting pains in your temples,

Or even better,

A rush of adrenaline filtering down into your neck muscles,

And shoulder blades,

And perhaps a sensation that

If you don’t let off some steam soon

Your eardrums are going to pop with the pressure!

Well, congratulate yourself. You’ve completed the first

Lesson in giving yourself a headache.

Well done!

Now take some tablets.

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