The Green Man – Part Two

I comprehend now why you are here;

We are kin you and I.

I am the henchman who wields

The axe, beheading all who cross my path.

I set the challenge of gruesome truth

That sends the bravest into hiding

While fear steals their gaming pieces,

‘Til blinded they begin to fight.

I know this game well

For I have seen many a head

Tumble upon the ashen earth;

To be scorned and mocked by

Those who pass, but dare not meet

Keenness of greeting with keenness of blade.

And with every drop of bloody spill

Upon my suit of leafy armour

I’m strengthened yet; my roots run

Ever deeper into the heart of my own kenning.

Grinning with salubrious mirth

Disguised as youthful grace,

I entice all like moths to flame,

And watch them dance the deadman’s

Dance, before the challenge is set anew.

Continue on, shall I

With you as sibling guide

For I decree the fate of all,

Who dain to meet my eye.


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