The Story of Adam and Eve: A New Version


And lo a whisper was kissed to our ear, as the Serpent’s tail coiled around Adam’s neck forcing an oath from his lips, that he swear blind only one apple he should eat before sunrise, lest the others go without should they wish to touch the tree for nourishment.

He agreed and the Serpent released its hold.

But as the Serpent slept he ate three apples before sunrise so hungry was Adam. And the next day another three, and the next day after that yet another three, until only six days past he had eaten all the apples on the tree leaving none for all others who might seek nourishment.

On the sixth day the Serpent awoke, and on spying that the tree no longer bore any fruit it cast Adam away decreeing that no more should he eat until every seed was planted a hundred times over until every inch of all the land was covered in fruit bearing trees so that all others could be nourished to satisfaction; that hunger be his measure. If then there were apples still hanging from the bows, only then could Adam eat his own fill. Should he fail, the Serpent would poison every fruit that grew thereafter until all starved including Adam.

Adam faithfully followed the Serpent’s instructions, not wishing to give up his existence in paradise, though his stomach twisted with hunger.

The years passed as Adam travelled the lands planting and replanting the apple seeds as he had grown them. At times the temptation to eat one of his apples had been great, but remembering the Serpent’s threat he had resisted and continued on, watching the others eat their fill until they lay on the ground or hung in the bows of the trees unable to move so full were they.

As time went on the hunger in Adam’s stomach was slowly replaced by a feeling of emptiness, and he no longer dreamed of the sweet crunchy flesh of apples bursting over his tongue as he sank his teeth into their delicate skin, in fact he had quite forgotten his need to eat. He was lonely. None of the others would talk to him, so busy were they stuffing their faces. Indeed none of the others were like him.

Nine hundred years had passed, and the apple trees had grown barren. Across the land it seemed that the other’s had eaten all that could be eaten, and not one fruit had been left hanging for Adam. Ashen faced, weary, aging Adam sat himself on the stump of a tree on the outskirts of  an orchard that had become overgrown. His eyes had grown weak, but through the tangle he could barely make out a bright white light. Getting slowly to his feet again he stumbled into the orchard, stepping over roots and tangles of undergrowth, and the smell of rotten fruit made his stomach recoil. But he followed the light so curious he was to see from whence it came. As he neared the source of the light he began to see an outline. He stopped, blinking several times to clear his vision. Sitting by a stream he saw a vision of such beauty, with long flowing hair and skin as delicate and pale as that of one of his beloved apples. He had found another like himself.

Wherever the brightness of the maiden’s beauty touched, flowers grew and the air was filled with the sweetest perfume. She sat beneath a tree; and Adam could see that there was one apple still hanging from its bows. The maiden had not appeared to have noticed him. Adam was filled with such excitement and love for the vision of beauty before him that he wanted to make her a gift of the last remaining apple.

He approached the tree and carefully plucked it from the branch. Cupping the apple carefully in both hands he approached the maiden not wishing to startle her. As he neared her side she turned and smiled radiantly at him as their eyes met. Adam felt his heart would melt. He offered her the apple and her smile grew as she placed her own delicate hands around it. He watched as she sat devouring its sweet aromatic flesh. Adam was suddenly reminded of how hungry he was, and his mouth began to water as the girl continued eating clearly enjoying the taste of the apple. She had reached the core, but continued eating until she had eaten the entire apple, seeds and all.

Adam was suddenly struck by a terrible thought, if there was nothing left to eat then surely the Serpent would relinquish his existence in paradise. Through his tears and sobs he asked the maiden for her name:

“ My name is Eve.” She answered, in a voice as delightful as birdsong.

Eve asked Adam what distressed him so, and so he explained his-story, telling her that on all his travels and over so many centuries he had never come across anyone like himself before. And that on seeing Eve’s immaculate beauty he had decided to make her a gift of the last apple in existence as a token of his love.

Eve looked at Adam clearly touched by his words, but appeared somewhat perplexed:

“ Thank you for your gift Adam, I too have never found anyone like myself until I met you, and I feel the same love for you. But we could have shared you know.”

…And the rest is history.

The End.

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